Romantic, Rainy Downtown Hattiesburg Engagement Gives Cozy Vibes

Brooke and Grant’s Engagement session did not go as planned. The clouds decided to dump rain on us the entire shoot. But that did not phase this truly romantic couple. They are nuts about each other and you can just tell when you meet them! The sparks fly in every photo from their downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi session. 

The unique architecture of downtown Hattiesburg, umbrellas and the rain all played a part in creating the amazing mood in their photos. Brooke has the most gorgeous hair which she braided, and had on the most gorgeous green velvet dress. Grant was the perfect counterpart in his dapper jacket. Brook and Grant met through their church and they are both involved in music. We couldn’t resist taking photos in front of a musical mural we walked by. What a perfect moment! 

After way too long in the elements, we popped into Equinox Coffee so the couple could warm up. Brooke is a coffee lover like me, and we couldn’t resist doing a ring shot with their coffee cups. Along the way, I grabbed some cozy moments.

Instead of waiting for a perfect, sunny day, this couple decided to embrace the rain. The result is unique, heart-stompingly romantic photos they are uniquely theirs. We should all be like them…stop waiting for the perfect conditions, just go for it! 

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