Hey! I'm April!

About Me

I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years. My journey started at Mississippi School of the Arts where I first saw the magic of a photo develop in a darkroom! I have a bachelors degree in Photojournalism from Southern Miss and worked as a professional marketing photographer for 6 years before moving on full-time to wedding photography.

That important step has proven fruitful as my passion for capturing real moments has been fulfilled by capturing the magic of loving couples. Now after 2 years of booking my calendar up and meeting with beautiful people from all over the southeast, I can reliably say my expertise is serving a higher purpose.

My photography style is all about providing opportunities for authentic, joyful and intimate moments between you and your partner, both during the engagement session and your wedding day. This experience culminates in owning heirloom photographs you will treasure forever. And guess what? You both deserve it!

Wedding planning, on top of everything else, can be an exhausting experience— an experience that requires having a photographer who gets you and your vision; one who understands your need to rest your mind and soak up this special moment in time. So go ahead and check “hire photographer” off your list. Know that you will have photos that capture the love and authentic bond the two of you share and want to share with the rest of the world forever.

My Love

Jerad and I tied the knot in February of 2024 and it was the best day ever! Falling in love and planning my own wedding has helped me become more in tune with the needs of my couples and has made me a better wedding photographer in the process!

He's my best friend and soulmate and always keeps me laughing. Our favorite dates are to check out museums, restaurants and do dorky stuff together. Anyone know a good mini golf place?

All the Coffee!

I can't start the day without a fresh, warm cup of coffee. It's a routine I look forward to every day! French Press, Pour Over, Iced- you name it, I'm down! I love meeting at local coffee shops with my clients any time it's possible!

Crazy Dog Lady

There's nothing like curling up on the couch with my dog, Jacques, and watching The Nanny at the end of a long day! As long as they don't steal my snacks...But seriously, dogs make life so much fun! I fall in love with every dog I meet!

Vacay? Let's Go!

When I have free time, I love to travel to new places, especially where I can appreciate nature. I have been known to try my hand at landscape photography! One day, I would love to go to Japan. I love that my job allows me to see so many beautiful locations and venues.